E-metrics is serious stuff

E-metrics is serious stuff. In simplest terms, e-metrics is the scientific examination of your web site's traffic data - all the information left by Internet users when they visit your site.

Understand how your visitors behave

The aim of e-metrics is to understand how your visitors behave, to find out if you are getting the right visitors in the first place, and then to gauge how well your tactics are working.

Sharpen your online strategy

The science of e-metrics breaks down into three distinct phases - tracking your web traffic, analyzing your data, and (most importantly) drawing conclusions that can sharpen your online strategy.

What can we measure?

The first step is to understand what kind of data you can measure. You can learn how long visitors spend on your site, which pages they read, and in what order. More importantly, you can determine how visitors found your site.

Know where your traffic's coming from

With this data, you can ascertain which web sites generate the most traffic for you, which of your banner ads or links are getting the highest click-through rates, which search engines send the most customers (and which search keywords were used to find you), which of your own pages are the most popular, how long visitors stay on-site, and how many unique visitors you are getting on a per hour/day/week/month basis. And with a bird's eye view of your overall traffic volume, you will also be apprised of when you get your traffic spikes as well as your traffic lulls.

Understanding all this data requires specialist skills

Of course, getting this data, analysing it, and drawing the correct conclusions requires the right software. On the basis of our many years experience using the industry leaders we realised that none of the existing software was fully adequate, so we developed our own - click here to see why we think it's the best.

The Guide to Web Analytics

Think UK now enthusiastically offer The Guide to Web Analytics, downloadable as a PDF, to those wanting to clearly understand and respond to each aspect of their web site's performance. To get an idea of what we're talking about, and to see how potentially useful this guide could be for you, read more details then download the White Paper.

Think UK offer a range of e-metric services. Contact us for further information.

Read more and download the white paper!

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