The Guide to Web Analytics

The Guide to Web Analytics is a simple booklet which shows you how to increase the business your web site generates. You will discover simple instructions on how to use your site’s statistics to improve its sales performance. For example, it shows how you can assess the contribution each page makes converting a visitor into a sale. You will also learn how to identify those pages which cause users to leave your site. This gives you the power to redesign individual pages and assess the effects of your changes.

One of the most important things you will learn is the statistical relationship between each aspect of your site’s performance. This guide helps you understand those relationships and their significance. You'll really wonder how you ever got by without the picture painted by these metrics.


  • When you have higher sales from the same traffic, your profits go up.
  • When you have more customers from the same traffic, the cost of acquiring customers goes down.
  • When more of your customers are delighted and come back, that repeat business costs you no marketing expenses at all.
  • When you have more repeat business, your customer lifetime value (LTV) goes up.


  • How do you identify your key customers?
  • What pages do they read? In what order?
  • Which pages on your site make them buy?
  • Which pages on your site drive them away?

With the Guide to Web Analytics, managing and improving your site is no longer a matter of guesswork. You can now respond methodically to what you see in front of you. The guide explains everything in plain English, including the logic behind each metric and whether you should look to increase or decrease it.

It is highly important to understand the relationship between your statistics and the purpose of your site. For example, an e-commerce site aims to have visitors make a purchase after viewing as few pages as possible. On the other hand, owners of library sites want their visitors to remain for longer so they can absorb more information. If you put the work into understanding and analysing your website, the only limit is your own creative business intelligence.

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Guide to Web Analytics
and learn how to employ a no-nonsense, methodical approach towards improving your web site's performance

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