Think UK & Espotting to Offer Pay-Per-Call

(26th April, 2005)

Think UK have concluded an agreement with Espotting to offer Pay-per-call advertising in the UK. 

Pay Per Call works by producing ads similar to those that would appear on networks such as Overture and Google but rather than paying per click, you can now pay per call.

Chris Salmon-Pour, Espotting’s New Business Director, said

“Many people believe Pay-Per-Call is only for large companies, but it isn’t.  Pay-per-call makes sense for business of any size.  We are pleased to be working with Think UK on this exciting new initiative.”

Ads are currently being shown in the US. However, Espotting will be lauching Pay per Call in the UK in the coming months. A limited number of resellers will launch the program shortly. This “phased launch” will permit Espotting to ensure the program is working smoothly.

Think UK’s Managing Director, Brandt Dainow, said

 "We do a great deal of online sales consulting.  We often find the best online sales model for clients is to gather interest online, but close over the telephone.  Pay-per-call is the best way to put your ad spend at the most valuable point."

Pay-per-call promises to be an extremely popular form of online advertising in the future.  Some industry analysts believe it may supplant Pay-per-click in the long run.

For further information call +44 +1727 858 427, or email
PH (UK): (020) 8123 9521
PH (USA): (801) 938 6808
PH (IRELAND): (01) 443 3834