Online Marketing

We can plan and manage an online marketing campaign for you. We are not designers, we work with your existing design team. Our job is to determine what makes financial sense, plan, manage, report, and improve.

We focus on 4 areas of online marketing:
- search engine optimisation
- pay-per-click advertising (including Google Ads)
- pay-per-call advertising
- affiliate marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a specialised task

Staying on top of this takes specialised skill and a great deal of experience. This is not something you should expect from your web designers, it's not what they're for. Search Engine Optimisation is a specialised task, requiring, more than anything, experience.

We are the most experienced search engine optimisation company in the UK. We offer transparancy - we will report each month on where you stand and what we're doing about it.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We can create an effective online advertising campaign for Google, Overture, Espotting, and other PPC advertising outlets.  We will micro-segment your market and design dedicated landing pages for each segment.  Using our proprietary software, InSite, we will monitor the performance of your ads and their landing pages.  Armed with this information we will continually tweak both until you get the best possible conversion rate and ROI.

Pay Per Call Advertising

We are one of the first companies in the UK to form an agreements with agencies to offer Pay Per Call advertising services.  Pay Per Call means you only pay for the ad when someone actually calls you - what could be more effective?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves placing material in other sites. You determine what they get for it. You could pay when they send visitors to you or for enquiries, or just for sales. Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding, but successful programs take careful planning and a great deal of expert management. We have been running affiliate marketing programs since the term was first invented - our experience is ready for you.

Search Engine entries get more business.
Search engine listings get 5 times the sales of banner ads.

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Search Engines have now indexed over 8 billion pages!

How do you expect people to find you amongst 8 billion others without specialist help?
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