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You can only improve the success of your website if you can measure its performance.

Your website’s performance is measured by statistical analysis of what people do when they visit your site. Analysing these statistics is the only way to understand your site’s performance, and thus determine how to improve it.

This type of analysis is known as web analytics. Our e-metrics system, InSite, is a highly accurate way of tracking behaviour on your site.

Quick to install

InSite can be implemented in literally 10 minutes. The software is designed so that it can be included within any web setup with the minimum of fuss. This also means that it is 100% platform independent. Whether you are using static HTML, Microsoft ASP, Cold Fusion, Lotus Notes, or any other type of web page, InSite will perform the same job to the same high specifications.

Accurate and Focused

InSite boasts accuracy to within 99.997% - more accurate than audit stats! InSite has a limited number of highly targeted reports - we won't overload you with reams of data. All you need are actionable metrics allowing you to quickly make decision regarding your website. InSite offers real-time web metrics, updated every hour, 24/7

Business Intelligence

InSite gives you a tells you exactly how people work within your site - in detail, and in the big picture. You can examine overall trends or drill down to see each individual visitor's visit (known as "click stream analysis"). InSite will tell you where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking for, and whether they found it or not. And many more answers besides...

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